Twins Toffi and Kenny were evicted from the Big Brother House failing to accomplish their tasks. In week one, three housemates got evicted from PBB Double Up.

The Pinoy BIg Brother Season 3 Double Up has just about finished its first week, but there have been already a few housemates who just can’t withstand the wrath and the challenges that Kuya has given them. The first among the JP/JM twins has left the house eventually a couple of days this season has started mainly because his request to go on leave has been declined by the airlines that he’s been working for. While the other set of twins going by the names Kenny and Toffi has been evicted because they were unable to meet Big Brother’s requirement to finish the task given which was to keep the secret about the “twin” for until midnight of that particular day. Princess, one of the cute housemates eventually caught one of the twins in the bathroom.

The loss of these three housemates might be a little pain in the eyes of the people who have started to idolize them and look forward seeing them on television every night at prime time, but yes, life is sometimes not really fair. The next closest person I can think of who isn’t happy about this decision is Carol who has cried the moment the twins exited for the other house, with no chance of coming back. Melissa may have suffered a bit too, because her BABY is no more :p

The doesn’t ends here though, a lot of other exciting happenings are going on within the borders of the two big brother houses. Stay updated about the latest happenings in PBB Double Up only here on Pinoy Teens Online!