PBB Double Up: Katlin and Hermes kissed! Do they look like CLOSE friends or something beyond close friends now? Katlin and Hermes slightly made out after Hermes gave flowers to Katlin.

It is official! Nothing “just friends” around here anymore, Hermes looks to be really someone very special to Katlin and so is Katlin to Hermes!

Katlin Hermes kissed

Just a while back on our PBB Live Updates blog, we published a photo where Katlin and Hermes kissed! That kiss happened also just a while back when the housemates of Hermes, Tom and co. cited their respective goodbye message to Katlin, one at a time with Hermes citing his piece last.

Aside from the short kinda sweet note that he cited for Katlin in front of her and the other housemates, he brought in a bunch of flowers and gave them to Katlin. The other housemates shouted “Kiss! Kiss!” and tada, it eventually happened. I was almost late in taking a screen cap but eventually managed to nail one as evidence and a Pinoy Teens exclusive!

What can you say about the two? Do they look like a couple now? Now, that Katlin and Hermes kissed? Well, once again, it wasn’t just a little smack, as you can see.