In (technically) last nights prime time episode of the third PBB Season, dubbed as Pinoy Big Brother Double Up, the couple Jim-Cath just can’t take it anymore and gave up at the rear end of their weekly tasks at the expense of their weekly allowance not only of the three people involved but the other housemates of them.

Carol and the other housemates were very shocked to know about the whole task that Kuya has given to Jim, Cath and Patrick. But everyone understands how hard the assignment was for them and are not mad about it, even if it was at the expense of their allowance. All of them seemed to be happy and in good mood, except for Patrick who still couldn’t believe that the real couple gave in at the final day of their mission. He feels very disappointed and thinks that it is his due fault, alongside the other two housemates that all of them don’t have any allowance for the week to come.

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