PBB Double Up Housemate Cathy is lucky to be in Big Brother Finland right now and experience snow, something she wouldn’t experience in PBB. Though, Cathy misses her housemates.

I don’t know if I should call Cathy lucky, but from my point of view she truly is because she experienced snow for the first time. It might be displeasing to her body due to the low temperature, but still I assume that so far it looks like to be a once in a lifetime experience for Cathy to touch and see real snow around her.

Cathy, who has been swapped in for Caitlin looks to be the total opposite of what Caitlin has shown in the house, especially her emotions towards Hermes. She looks very happy in Big Brother Finland with her snow experience, and I wonder if PBB Cathy still wants to go back to the Philippines?

Eventually though, she wrote the name of someone in the snow, someone she is missing from the Philippines.

What can you say about her first snow experience?