Pinoy Big Brother Double Up has been airing for 4 months now. Who is your favorite PBB Double Up Candidate to become the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Double Up Big Winner?

I’m very excited to about what could happen this coming weekend. It could go either way. Johan might take it, Melissa might take it. Even Paul Jake, Tibo and Jason have a chance at the prize and the title as the “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Big Winner“. But, who is your bet, who is the most deserving for you?

Many of you may have noted that the funny Melissa that we know has become a bit complacent. Complacent in a sense that she isn’t really doing what a housemate should do which was shown during the vital week full of challenges courtesy of their ex-housemates. Yet, if you would think about the reason why you’re watching PBB Double Up anyway, might change your mind. And I am sure, that most of you -who start disliking Melissa- are watching the show because of her, and the very laughable chemistry she has with Jason.

I think that Melissa deserves to become the big winner this time around, and not some other poor kid next door. Yes, Melissa isn’t that rich too, but I think you know what I mean, and I think that you don’t want to be reminded about how PBB Teens Edition Plus ended about two years ago.

Melissa deserves to be called the Big Winner because she’s been the big plus that has kept us watching the show day in and day out. Remember at the start, when the other house was REALLY BORING to follow? Specially for those with live streams.

Vote wisely. Chose the one who you think is deserving based on their personalities and accomplishments inside the house, not based on their current status in life. Yet, if I were you, I wouldn’t vote at all. Either way, if Abs-Cbn puts their hands into play or not, it is them who will benefit for every vote you’ve casted, and, not really you! Seriously, I’m bidding for Melissa, but either way is fine with me. Guess we’ll see who wins this coming Big Night!