Our first PBB Clash Update: The House Apartment draws first blood in their very first task named “Baby Picture Puzzle” get more updates about Pinoy Big Brother here on Pinoy Teens.

The Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 has just started a few hours back, but Big Brother has immediately given them a tasks, I was unable to really get behind what it was all about, but it was something about their Baby Pictures. Oh yeah, it was a Baby Picture Puzzle. The Teens from the Apartment House have taken the upper hand and drawn first blood, while the Teens from the Villa have faced their first, sweet defeat.

Apartment vs Villa, Apartment Teens Succeed

It wasn’t a sour one, because they actually enjoyed it. While the House Apartment teens got some luxurious, delicious food as reward for the task that they won, the teens from the House Villa tasted some baby food instead, and they had fun with it. Some had so much fun, to the extent that you might think that it was a reward for them already! Looks like the people from the Apartment are not only a bit of the higher standard saucy type people, but also highly competitive. Will the Villa bounce back during their next clash? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out in the coming days!

Dangerous Weekly Task

Kuya has also given them a weekly task. Which, if they fail to accomplish flawlessly as a group, someone is going to bounce. And if both group commit mistakes in their weekly tasks, two teens could face forced eviction next weekend. Stay tuned for more updates right here on Pinoy Teens Online! Keep an eye on our Live Blog too, for small live updates!

Locked in Rooms
As I write, the teens are just getting up, some are still fast asleep. Some of the girls wish to get out of their rooms already but it’s a no no for Kuya. He said that none of them may get out of their rooms just yet until the wake up call alarm is rung!

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