The Villa and Apartment undergo their first challenge after the swap of Joe and Tricia. Tricia is willing to confront the Villa about their impressions of her while Joe is suffering from homesickness. Maichel is the first to be evicted by Big Brother.

Post- Swap Challange Number One

The task for the second week called the “Teentramurals” (which is obviously a coined term as replacement for intramurals), is a set of challenges through the week which will reward the winning team with a prize from their opponents which potencially included services and leisure items, truly motivating teams even more. Throughout the challenge, Team Villa conveyed their regard for “Papa Bear” Joe, sentiments which Joe too reciprocates as he feels homesickness daily. Too bad housemates don’t count as prizes. “Water Rumble” challenged teams to withstand residing inside a giant water ball for one minute for three rounds. Team Villa ultimately triumphed this first challenge of the series.

Tricia’s Attitude Transformation

Although Tricia has made a lasting first impression on the cast of PBB, there is more to uncover than what is on the surface. Tricia had made it clear during her confessional that she has be affected by the adbandonment of her past apartment teammates.Yong, dubbed “Guardian Angel”, put in effort to ameriorate relations in the villa. Tricia has  addressed the residents of the villa, asking outright their impressions of her and expressing her willingness to change their prespective on her. Team Villa has mixed opinions about her. The guys assured her that her behavior was fine but the girls were hesitant in replying fully. Upon multiple times, Tricia shows that she is making an effort to get along with her new teammates such as offering to share her clothes with Kira and Devon, Devon not accepting the offer. Even Shey who has openly expressed her dislike for Tricia has slowly but surely begun to lighten up.

Big Brother Dismisses Maichel

Maichel was forced to be evicted on after the first week of PBB. Surprised? Barely, as Maichel failed to comply with the commands of Kuya upon multiple instances. At Day One, Maichel did not regard Kuya’s orders to conceal his identity. Included in the list of violations are his negligence of wearing his lapel properly, disobeying shower code, and not complying to the sleep schedule. Housemates consoled Maichel before his depature from the villa.