If you followed our Facebook Fan Page then you are probably well updated about what has been going on inside the house lately. To sum them up for our first update of this very day, here are the highlight moments to note and to know about!

Non-Stop Tricia Ivan

  • It was a funny thought for many who watched it on a live stream, ang pagpapakain ni Ivan ng saging kay Tricia.
  • Tricia’s reputation got hammered late last night with her hug attempt on Ivan, and some other key events that happened today.
    • She denied ever having a boyfriend.
    • She was quiet dramatic in the middle of the Afternoon and uttered statements like: “Hindi ko sya crush, hindi ko alam”
  • As always, always sila magkatabi, and nothing seems to take them apart.. so far.

Tricia’s reputation, gets buttered

Across known blogs that we’ve been reading and even from the PBB fans themselves, Tricia’s getting a beating every update that we release about her. Fans who have hopelessly been defending her are slowly being silenced as she more and more proves her self to be a @$#ch.

Her family and friends must brace themselves for big issues once she gets out of the house which might be as soon as next or next next week. Some hot intrigues are already being spread as early as now, the second day of their Pinoy Big Brother Clash adventure.

TRICIA, no boyfriend daw, puro MU, pero may nangyari na sakanya sa GR6?!

That’s just one of the big blows they need to take. It is much more exaggerated and extreme that we expected, and even we don’t believe in it, but her attitude inside the house is not far off. On top of that, a reader of ours, along with a very reliable source insists that Tricia has a boyfriend in the outside world, also coming from the Ateneo.

Fretzie on the rise

As more and more people are starting to dislike Tricia whose entry into the house looked promising for most of us Davawenyos to do better than Priscilla, Fretzie on the other hand is gaining some ground and some solid fan base as more and more people demand a Fretzie-Ivan pairing.

The Latest PBB Clash Update

As I write this article now, all of them are seated in the living room and are having the baby pictures of the other house right in front of them, which they need to match with the current pictures of the Villa teens.

New Task for Apartment

We have been tuning in exclusively to the Apartment today, as we’re also going to do the same to the Villa tomorrow. Apartment Teens are practicing some moves with their eyebrows, Ivan leads the way as he knows it best, and Fretzie isn’t far off with her moves too, Tricia on the other hand might have something else on mind as she tried to dance to the grooves of Kabataang Pinoy, giving her another bad label which I won’t name nalang.

This is just a post that we’ve rushed and isn’t really polished. You can stay up-to-date on our Facebook Page by clicking here. Remember, bukas whole day sa Villa tayo mag tatambay!

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