Joe and Tricia swap houses. Read more PBB Clash Updates straight from the Villa and Apartment.

Joe and Tricia have swapped houses. Tricia Santos is now in the Villa while Joe will entertain the Apartment, permanently. Yesterday was the first nomination night of the PBB Teen Clash season and Tricia led all the way with a perfect score of 14 out of 14 possible points–with all of her Apartment mates nailing 2 points for her.

Of course, ABIASED-CBN is spot on again to do something about it. For the anger of around 60% of the viewers based on our demographics on the PBB Facebook page, they removed the option for voting to evict which makes it even harder for the Tricia Haters to send her out of the house. It looks scripted, very scripted.

To think that Kuya even allowed Tricia to switch houses alone is making me wonder. All in the Apartment dislike her; and if she won’t be exiting this week, she’d still be nominated over and over again. But now at the Villa, she can start again by building up her name and correct the mistakes she committed during her stay at the Apartment. Yet what really hurts is that the option to vote for eviction is gone. If that option will resurface sometime midway this season, I don’t know. That’ll be very bullshit.

Yong, happy to see Tricia

Yong is very happy to have Tricia around while Eslove and Shey hesitated accommodating her yesterday evening perhaps due to the loss of Joe who is dearly missed by the Villa people. On the other hand, the Apartment got a win-win here. They finally got rid of Tricia and got Joe who has been very entertaining so far. It looks like none, absolutely none of the Apartment peeps are really missing Tricia. Kazel even came up with a joke where she said she’s missing Tricia, but added “joke” to the end of it which made everyone laughing.

So far, everything is going well but I smell something fishy–just like what I always smelled in PBB editions before.