Pardon us for the lack of blog updates about PBB Clash 2010, this is our 5th release, if not mistaken and talks pretty much about the  Teen Housemates from the Villa

Joe and Eslove Entertain the Villa with a Show

Earlier this afternoon, Joe aka Jenny and Eslove aka Lovely had a little show at the Villa to entertain their fellow housemates, which they haven’t failed to do all throughout their 4 day stay at the Pinoy Big Brother Villa House.This time it was something different, they brought the fun to the next level, and with a little help from Kuya, they had a blast, which some might not really consider that funny. But, don’t be so hard on yourself, the performance they gave was funny and you probably are going to have a look at it tomorrow or this evening during Prime Time.

You can view all the screencaps that we were able to capture during their performance on “our” Official PBB Updates page on Facebook

TRIVIAN – ANTI TRIVIAN Groups gather arms

Various facebook pages and groups, along with blogs and forums have become battle grounds for the never ending debate in relation to Tricia and Ivan whether those to fit, or not. Our Facebook Page is no excuse to that. I just can’t understand why people need to take down each other just because they don’t come to agree on one thing or another. It’s very sad that we’ve been brainwashed so hard that it comes to the point that we get agressive whenever our bets are been painted with dirt by another fan.

Almost 15K Pinoy Big Brother Fans on our Fan Page!

Our Facebook Fan Page has already reached over 10,000 members and it is continuing to grow and grow as every hour and every day passes by, but it has been a bit slow during the past 48 hours. Yet we do expect to hit 15,000 users by the end of this day. Feel free to utilize our page and share it with your friends. Visit it now.

We will update you more about PBB in the coming days and will start to continue blogging more frequently, all of us have been quiet busy with the page on Facebook; we never had much fun like this!