Former Hollywood Dirty Dancer Patrick Swayze rests in peace at 57, surrendering to his liver cancer on September 15, 2009 (PH). Patrick Swayze was known for Ghost.

The former Hollywood Dirty Dancer Patrick Swayze finally rests in peace at the age of 57. Patrick Swayze has been dealing a horrible challenge the past twenty months of his life and peacefully surrenders to his illness with his family standing beside him and watching him fade. Swayze was popular for his Dirty Dancing and Ghost performances.

Patrick Swayze

Patrick was challenged by a deadly type of cancer since March 2008 when this information went public which saddened all his fans and supporters that time. But even with the diagnosis of such a deadly cancer, he former Hollywood Dirty Dancer kept working day in and day out with his wife and was able to shoot “The Beast,” an A&E drama series for which he had already made the pilot.

During the recording of The Beast, Patrick Swayze opted to endure the pain and not to use painkiller drugs to aid him because these might just cut off the edge of his performance. And with his life on the line with predicted two weeks to go, he was still able to complete the shot. The critics who spread the rumor that he had only 2 weeks to live were proven wrong, as Patrick Swayze died today, after around twenty months of carrying this illness. It is yet another fight a human has lost against cancer.