It is rumored that a partly ABS-CBN Talent (someone who attended various ABS CBN Workshops) by the nickname Vim is one of the teen hunks for PBB Teen Clash 2010. Do you want him as a housemate? I do!

But that doesn’t mean that it is fair that he should be inside the house. He already has had some experience with ABS-CBN and that is going to be a clear advantage for him to stay on top of things. Well, aside from that, he’s looking awesome which is going to be yet another advantage for Vim. It’s said that he is the brother of Aljur Abrenica, if in case that name makes you remember something.

Dirty ABS CBN tactics for PBB Clash 2010 unfold!

If this teen, who has auditioned for Star Magic in the past indeed makes it to the house, it’ll be a nice way for ABS-CBN to get free advertisement for one of their future talents. The show hasn’t even started yet, and fishy rumors and strategies of ABS-CBN and their pets are being unfolded already. This doesn’t look good. Especially if we recall the upset victory of Ejay Falcon last year in which Robi should have been the winner. But well, after all. This are just rumores as of now.

Keep an eye on our rumored housemate list. And also have a look at the rumored description of the season 3 teens. Stay tuned, and stick around here on Pinoy Teens!