Yes, the prediction of a couple of fellow bloggers is true. The much anticipated 2nd page rank update for this year took place, and a couple of other sites are still awaiting their page rank juice for this update. To verify the whole thing, Matt Cutts has published a little post stating that the page rank update will be coming in the next couple of this, and that post was dated July 24th.

I can’t say that I’m unhappy with this latest update, yet I can’t say that I’m satisfied with it too. Either, my expectations where way off reach, or, I just got unlucky once again. But, no matter what. This update has been a quiet positive update for me. That, in spite the fact some of my blogs do paid posting (which Google totally hates), I’ve still managed to sneak away a few notches with them.

Like I’ve promised, former Page Rank 3 Pinoy Teens Online is back, as it climbs up a single notch from PR2 to PR3 up-to-date. Although, my formerly most valuable domain name BADITS, went down from PR3 to PR1 in this latest update. So much said, here’s something I’m really proud of. Poetic Notes managed to go as high as Page Rank 2, with not even promoting it that much, and not even building up the links for that domain name.  Joining Poetic Notes at Page Rank 2 for now is my personal blog, Kevin Paquet which is on Page Rank 2 now, for almost 10 good months. Quiet awesome stuff!

Now here comes the funny part, a couple of my competition remains PRless, whilst other sites do not reached the expected Page Rank for them. It’s quiet an evil thought, but well. Joining BADITS.NET with PR1 are the following sites, Rona Libby and the Philippine Host. Even GiftedPrincess.Com managed to take home a PR1 (I’m so proud of this girls capabilities in the field of blogging).

Some other sites remain Page Rank less for now, some others, I don’t want to mention about. Well, that’s all with the page rank update of mine.

How is your page rank doing?

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