After Mayweather’s suggestion that PacMan can be on steroids, Mayweather Promotions proposed that a random Olympic-style kind of testing be done to both PacMan and Mayweather 48 hours BEFORE the fight on March.  Said testing involves extraction of blood from both boxers to determine if anyone of them is on prohibited substances.

This test, unfortunately, is something that the Pound-For-Pound King and his managers cannot agree upon for their belief that such procedure is hazardous to the body and can affect the body’s performance for such fight.  Freddie Roach said that Manny Pacquiao is willing to undergo the said test RIGHT AFTER the game but NOT BEFORE the game because PacMan, a natural person who is squeamish about needles believes that drawing blood from his body 48 hours before the fight is bad.  PacMan’s promoter Bob Arum stated that such proposal is “absolutely ridiculous” for they do not see the logic behind having the test BEFORE the game when the results won’t be different if they conduct the test AFTER the fight since the traces of prohibited substances do not really wear off as fast as 48 hours.  For PacMan’s party, having the test before the fight is simply a tactic of Mayweather to harass and eventually weaken PacMan.

Mayweather said that he would only pursue with the fight IF AND ONLY IF PacMan agrees to undergo such testing 48 hours BEFORE the fight.  He also claimed that PacMan’s hesitance to undergo the testing makes him highly doubtful of PacMan’s strengths as it makes PacMan look like someone who is hiding something from the boxing world.

Roach and Arum claim that PacMan has already underwent necessary and required tests for boxers like him and has a gleaming record in terms of the substances that he intakes.  They also contend that such testing whom elite athletes like Lance Armstrong and Lebron James have already taken is too much to ask from boxers as it can weaken them.  Boxers undergo blood and urine testing weeks before a fight but not 48 hours before the fight–this is what PacMan’s party is willing to oblige upon with an additional of another blood testing after the fight.

According to Roach, they do not give a damn if Mayweather does not pursue the fight just because of this whole blood testing shiz.  After all, PacMan still has a much wider options for opponents unlike Mayweather.  As Roach puts it, “I really don’t care, because Manny doesn’t need Floyd Mayweather.  The tests he’s requiring are not commission tests, they’re not boxing tests and this is not an Olympic sport.  A urine test is just as qualified as a blood test.  Human growth hormone* is not detected by blood or urine.”  PacMan’s party also contends that if Mayweather really is willing to fight with PacMan, he should be already contented with commission tests and won’t longer be conditional by asking for tests as such just to pursue the fight.


* – Human growth hormone are natural hormones produced by the pituitary gland that have strong body building mechanisms.  These are available in the market through steroids and are taken by some bodybuilders for exceptional stamina and endurance.