First and foremost I want to clarify that I am neither a hater, nor a fan of Jamich. Just like Kevin, I’m just somebody who wants to say something about the uproar going on both on Facebook and on Youtube at the moment. Don’t worry though, as I shall try to limit my personal bias on this matter.

I am not saying though that anything that Kevin has written is in anyway wrong just because he freely expressed his point of view – what I mean is, I shall try to be more tactful in explaining my perspective. I urge all of you, may you be a fan, a hater or just a mere observer to continue reading this post of mine.

There are a lot of people on Facebook who think like me. People who are curious and quite stoke by the popularity of this couple noted by others as the Jejecouple or by their fans, Jamich. They have close to nothing unique to offer, and that’s a fact. All that they manage is depict their “relationship” through their videos, one of which counts to the most popular “By Chance”.

No doubt, a lot of Filipino teenagers can relate to that. Not just teenagers, but eitherway younger or older of that age class do. They showcase nothing new – nothing peculiar that might make me “Wow” or admire them.

A commenter on this blog said that their videos or their love story per se, as presented through their videos are just as ordinary as the relationship many other people have – long term relationships, I mean.

Like she (the commenter), I’m guessing that most of their fans did not have a long term relationship yet. That’s pretty much the part that worries me.

While it may be entertaining and relatable on one hand, it’s quite annoying and irritating on the other. Why? Well, this comment from one of our reader pretty much says it all:

> hindi ako attention whore at frustrated to be an actress/actor eh isusugaL ko reLationship namen makabiLang Lang sa showbiz industry .. tipong dahiL hindi pinaLad na manaLo sa isang reaLity search show eh ayun , parapraan para kumita at kahit sagradong reLationship eh gagamitin just to earn money .. )
and pLease Lang .. oo may mga fans kayo and sabihin na nating haLf of it were teens or mas bata pa .. kapupuLutan ba ng araL mga pinagagagawa ? in pubLic magkikiss ? videos puro kaLandian ? ako ba naman eh gawing video ung kapupuLutan ng araL hindi ung puro Landian ) kaya maraming pariwara ngayon at nadidisgrasya kase nga dagdag pa videos nyo at dahiL iniidoLo siLa eh ihahaLintuLad or itutuLad na niLa mga gagawin niLa sa ginagawa ng idoLs niLa

### People (Jamich) like these should vanish.

It’s hard to hide it, but deep inside my skin I just can’t stand them, just like our colleagues at Pinoy Teens. There is no valuable lesson, well, actually, nothing at all that you can get from them. They are clearly just after the money as their most recent “The Answer” video shows – they are also clearly feeling celebrities already even though they haven’t proven anything.

They might be wanted by PR groups, asked to do TV guestings, but on our end, and I’m sure that most of *matino* Filipino Teens would agree; they are unworthy of any kind of *positive* publicity.

Please. Don’t call me insecure. Don’t call me narrow minded. You fans need to wake up. Accept the fact that your “idols” have messed up, that they committed a mistake that can’t be erased just by saying sorry – specially not how they have said sorry.

Look at the bigger picture and you’ll realize how greedy they are, how feeling celebrity, and how much better all our lives would be without them. It’s not too late to abandon them – may it not be in much effect to you, but I’m sure a lot of innocent teenagers would be saved **not having to watch** any of their videos where they show nothing valuable, moral and most importantly to me – original.