Jacqueline “Jacque” Bermejo made an official statement to clean up her name following a dose of bashing from Filipino Media and Bloggers across sites and social networks.

First things first, I don’t care if you’re gonna flame me for what I have said on my other post about the women said to be Jacqueline Bermejo. I stand my words for very good reasons, and I think that the many of Facebook Users agree with my stand. What wonders me about this issue most is why there would be anyone who would hack her account, and why a person would want to put this kind of bad light upon her. And why all this had to happen right here, now during this crisis the Philippines is experiencing.

The Filipino Netizen are divided about their thoughts on this issue. A minority of (fools) netizens believe her to be innocent, while the majority made their statement clear that she is found guilty for such immoral act.

Back to the real thing now, Jacqueline Bermejo has made her official statement where she noted that her account was hacked. But like I asked a couple of times over and over above, why would some person care to hack this ordinary OFW? It is obvious that she has no other way out of this but make this excuse.

In a post that I read at some site it says there that her account was hacked a couple of years ago, another person used her personal information, her pictures, and everything on Facebook. Well, okay, if that’s so, I don’t really care, but what makes me wonder is, why she hasn’t done a thing about it, doesn’t that wonder you too? If someone really possessed that said account years back, she could’ve asked the account to be removed, but no, she has let it be until now. Or could this be just a huge story that Bermejo has made up to defend herself?

Okay, I might have been a bit too harsh with my words at times in the other post, but I think that you can understand how I feel now, how the thousands feel right now. The little statement has made big waves all over social networking sites, media, newspaper, etc, and there looks like to be no end. Well, I’m not surprised to see people reacting about it. Sino bang hindi magagalit?

If it’s really not Jacqueline Bermejo then, well, I’ve got nothing to say anymore. Lastly, before we start believing in her, think. Think just like people defending her advised us to think thoroughly about this issue. It sounds despicable each time I hear people talk about this defending her, saying that her account was hacked. Because I can’t think of any reason someone would do this. Especially to her. And I can’t think of any reason why she wasn’t able to manipulate the account as soon as possible when she knew someone impersonated her.