The list of all the official profiles of all the official PBB Teen Clash 2010 Teen Housemates, only here on Pinoy Teens Online

We are soon going to post official profiles of each and every PBB Teen Clash housemate who is in the house right now. From Villa to the Apartment.

We are currently stuck in the Villa house with our live stream, and I don’t know how we can change to the Apartment House. We’e looking into it. I personally want to see the Apartment House because of Tricia Santos!

Profiles of PBB Teen Clash Housemates

House Villa & Apartment Teens

Once the profiles go online, we are going to post them here on our blog for all of you to see and read about. So that you come to know the preseent teen housemates of this year’s PBB Clash 2010.

We will list the links to each profile here below.

For the mean time I want to invite all of you to visit our PBB Live Blog for Live Updates straight from Villa and Apartment Houses of PBB Teen Clash of 2010!

ps: Sino favorite housemate mo so far?