Hello folks,

This will probably be the last post that you’ll be reading on Pinoy Teens Online which runs on the domain pinoyteens.net. In soon time, we’ll move on to the next stage, to a new level, and a pretty new beginning as well.

The blog will be moved to our Philippine Teens Media Community domain, teens.com.ph within the next 48 hours, or if not, it has already happened as you read this.

The domain pinoyteens.net has served us well all throughout our escapade in the blogging world. It has been our home for over 2 years of blogging, and almost 3 years of existence on the world wide web when it still used to be a small forum community headed by a 15-16 year young boy back then.

Migration is expected to be completed within the next 48 hours of this very day, May 20, 2010.

Pinoy Teen’s Loyalist and Pioneer Founders, believe that the move to teens.com.ph is one of the best choices we have picked so far. They also believe that the migration will further boost the reputation of the Pinoy Teens Online Blog as a Philippine Youth Site for Change and a Youth Authored blog in general with a more concise domain name at hand.

We are also going to introduce to you a handful of new writers who will aid us in entertaining, informing and educating all of you.

We are accepting new contributors. Please reply here if you are interested to contribute so that we can email you the instructions. Use a valid email address that you use.

If in case you read this post ahead of the migration. See you on teens.com.ph. If you are reading this after the migration, then well, welcome to Pinoy Teens Online on teens.com.ph!