Recently, people from the Philippine-American Educational Foundation visited our school for a little presentation, hosted by a a representative of the said foundation who is also part of the Ateneo de Davao Faculty and Staff. Though, at some point, I would come to agree that education in the foreign countries, like the United States is much better than education here in the Philippines. But for a certain degree, something deep inside tells me, that I should start the PC, go to my write panel and bring up this article.

Why? Because for a certain degree, I do not agree, or let’s say we do not favor the objective of the said foundation. Not that we are underestimating fellow Filipino Teens. It’s just that *not everyone* has the chance to get educated abroad, although they have the talents and capabilities, nevertheless *not everyone* can even attend classes inside our country, and how much more, not even a fourth of all students may get reasonable, quality education inside our country!

We, as Filipinos and proud of being what we are should stop relying on foregin education, it’ll lead to nothing, but to the downfall of our own society. It’s the dependency that restrains us from progressing into a better country. With debts, the dependency of other nations, again, we won’t come much further. I don’t understand why we even have to do this? Why do we need to educate our fellow Filipino in other countries?

It’s simply because education inside the Philippines lacks efficiency and quality, and it really does. Even at popular schools and some that I’ve come to visit. But do you guys seriously think that educating *some of us* outside the country will help to the overall development of our nation? It will definitely not. Just suggesting, why don’t you, instead of sending students outside and wasting all that money to get FILIPINOS educated in AMERICAN STYLE, concentrate to make the Philippine Education much more better?

It lacks in all aspects, I’ve got to say. Cheaters there, cheaters here. If a quiz is going on and the teacher is a bit unattentive, you can see people roaming around the room, people looking at other people’s paper, and some even opening the textbooks. With this educational style that you are serving us, the Philippines would still be the present Philippines in the next few generations, if not, then worse.

Education is important, yes I know. Education in foreign territory will help *the individual*, yes I know. But, the country would not benefit at all from that. We might be proud of the very few how make big in the international scene, but look at our country, you ain’t see such in the Philippines.

Again, it’s not the country, nor the school that matters where you study in, but the education that the said country and school offers is what counts. Well, it’s not the fault of the students if they have not been thaught well? Nevertheless is it their fault if they’ve not tasted what discipline is all about and nor is it our fault if the Philippines won’t progress in the coming years. With more and more Philippines interested to get out of the country, less and lesser Pinoys *who know something* stay. It can’t continue this way. It can’t continue this way.