The last two days have been very hectic and tragic for me and my mother as well. She accompanied me to almost anywhere possible in order to solicit any kind of financial assistance from the numerous City Councilors and/or the City Mayor and Vice; but we ended up with empty hands after our two day journey.

Sanggunian ng Lungsod ng Dabaw

I started looking for aid just last Wednesday, when I have finished all the paper work needed in order to circulate the slight financial crisis I am in right now. But apparently I’m just a day, just a mere day too late to make it all, to have, let’s say, lots of sponsorship coming from councilors and the Mayor himself during their Tuesday Session in which a good friend of my mother would have endorsed and introduced me to the group of councils. It sucks, it truly sucks. Which means that there won’t be any aid nor sponsorship from Davao City to the Youth Engagement Summit 2009 this coming week.

There’s nothing that we can do about it, and I’m of course not frustrated about it, that’s life, sometimes you gain some, sometimes you lose some, and this time it looks like we’ve lost it all by just twenty four hours; but that shouldn’t hinder me anyway to make it to the summit.

Instead, one of the secretaries or workers in the council office of one of the councilors has suggested that I should immediately pay a visit at the Sangguinan upon my arrival back in Davao City, so that I may take a little reward, sort of a certification for my effort to have made it to the Summit, and sort of a recognition for being the lone Dabawenyo Youth to have made it to such a grand, international event. At least, that is one thing that I can look forward to as a little consolation for the effort that we two have put in, in looking for anyone to help me out with the inevitable expenses that are coming.

Support for Future `Localized` Activities?

I noted that major universities and organizations, maybe even cities are coordinating with the South East Asian Change Movement and are promoting the objective and whatever attached to it to their respective youth. It looks good on my end here in Davao City, and there’s a great possibility that Davao will aid me in covering payments and helping out in organizing and promoting upcoming after-summit events. Now this is something very unexpected!

It will be a great start for Pinoy Teens to finally alter its image from a mere blog into a YOUTH blog which is actually its main purpose. (though I’m slightly off the mark, huh?) It serves also as a great opportunity to get the site promoted offline and get more teenagers and youths involved in the Pinoy Teens Online Community and Project 🙂

I feel a little sad and worried at the same time, not being able to nail a single person or company to help me out with the payments, but it looks like I have to reach out to my last resort, my parents, and it might just cost me my considered-as-bought iMac or Macbook Pro. 😐 :p

How is it going with the other SEAChange Participants from the Philippines?