For most of you Monkey fans out there, 2014 is probably a year for important changes. But let’s face it, aren’t all new years destined for big changes? They usually go by the name of resolutions and pretty much everyone makes them, more or less official, over a glass of red wine and a cozy fireplace or while on the bathroom scale. New beginnings are often times associated with change, so this is one of the main reasons why people like to start over a new year by promising to themselves or to other they will do this or that- thing they’ve failed to do so far, things they’ve never done before. Statistics show not a lot of folks actually do succeed in putting their resolutions to practice. But for the sake of things, here are some of the most popular new year’s resolutions we thought we should share with you.


“This Year I’m Going To Quit Drinking/Drink Less Alcohol”


Occasional drinking when socializing with friends is perfectly understandable and normal for many of us. But when drinking because an issue because of your own safety, the safety of the people around you, or because of your health issues, I might be time to put an end to it. There are plenty of sites to visit and online communities to join where you could be getting the support and help you need.    


“This Year I Want To Lose More Weight”


This is another common resolution you might be hearing all around you. While losing weight is not that hard to achieve, the stress that is triggered by the process is definitely hard to bear for many. Changing your eating habits needs to be accompanied by the complete rethinking of your lifestyle. You need to train your brain if you want to enjoy long-term results. Keeping a diet and losing 10 pounds is easy, but disciplining yourself so that you don’t dig in the fridge in the middle of the night is another thing. Develop healthy habits and stick to them for the rest of your life- now this is the real challenge and the valuable resolution that is worth your attention, and not the regular “I want to lose 5 pounds” thing.


“This Year I Want To Volunteer (More)”


Try some e-volunteering if you don’t have the times or the means to volunteer psychically as much as you would like to. Cleaning parks or rivers or becoming a pet rescuer are excellent ideas to put into practice. But if you don’t have sufficient time to do it, try online volunteering. Complete tasks via your smartphone if you want to take things to the next level and. Get in touch with a volunteering or a charity association and see what sort of work you could be doing from home or while on the go – there are plenty of unpaid telecommuters who are currently volunteering online and in 2014 you could be one of them.    


Speaking of smartphones, visit this site and play some online real money games of bingo or collect the free bonuses and play in for pleasure. Take on a new hobby in 2014, relax more, or work on giving your family budget a small push.

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