So, it’s been lately too much about Entertainment, huh. But let me get off the showbiz side of things and share a post of which idea is of my own. The new year is just a couple of hours away, a new year, a new start and a new me. A new start in a sense that I will try to adopt to new ideas, to new ways of living and the new blog that I will be creating as part of my study techniques. A new me, in a sense that these new years resolution will do some change in my personality and objectives to achieve in 2009. Here are those:

  • Blog Less, read more..
    • I haven’t really been actively reading other blogs that I would really love to read, especially lately, I’ve been too much into worries on what to blog about rather than reading the blogs of my friends and leaving a few sneak comments on them.
  • Chat Less, plurk more..
    • Plurk has slowly made itself to my daily tasks, I don’t know what makes it so addicting, but I’m really after to make it into the Nirvana Rank.
  • Spend Less, earn more..
    • My Advocacy to the adaption of giving away free things has realy cost me a lot of money but has served me no good in 2008. Where are all those people that I helped out now?
  • Surf Less, study more..
    • Just two more quarterly examinations to come, until I will go up the stage and march during my graduation this 12th of April, 2009. Finishing the year with flying colors is a must.
  • Play Less PC, play more in reality..
    • Dota, RF, and all the other games have really kept me away from the real thing, like basketball and soccer, and my physical appearance tells a story of its own.
  • Sleep more, eat even more..
    • Year 2009 should make me gain some weight, but not loose some, because I believe I’m too thin right now and loosing more would not be really that good.
  • Love less, more serious..
    • Alright, I don’t mind if I can only sneak one girlfriend this whole year 2009, for as long as I know that she is serious with me and that I am too.

These makes up my very short list of New Years Resolution that I have in my mind. What are your new years resolutions?