Davao City was the last city to witness the rebirth of NEO, entering the new era called NEO Edge. One of the lightest, thinnest, speedy and reliable laptops in store.

NEO Edge Launching in Davao

We write the 16th of October 2009. One historic event that took place at the Apo View here in Davao City, Philippines. The rebirth of a local manufacturing company that was seemlingly forgotten ranking fifth in the overall market share. The rebirth of NEO and the birth of their new line of laptops, the NEO EDGE.

I feel privileged to be one of the press people who were invited to attend the event. That, not only as part of the so-called New Media (blogging phenomenon) but as a NEO User myself, for almost a year right now.

The new generation of NEO Laptops provide everything good of the Netbooks and the Notebooks. A mix, you might call them, but taken to the next level, to the extreme, to the edge!

The NEO Edge is said to have the batterly lifespan common to a Netbook. The lightweight physical appearance of one as well, and the stylish look too. While at the other hand it is said to have the power of a more work efficient Notebook which can do various tasks simultaneously powered by the Intel Dual Core.

It is one of the thinnest laptops of its kind, and also, one of the, if not the cheapest ultra-low voltage laptops in the market today. But note, it’s not only ULV, but very fast working too which spells the difference from the rebirth of NEO and the other brands.

Netbooks are relative small and lightweight, but I don’t think that there’s any powerhouse in town that keeps things as minimal than NEO does. With ’round 1.4KG of weight, the EDGE can be carried with one hand, and makes it one of the most mobile laptops of its kind.

And I’m not kidding about it. I was even able to hold one, and when I say 1.4KG, it really is 1.4KG! Even I was amazed by the weight of the new NEO EDGE that it pretty much blew my mind and made me say: “How could they store such a working horse within such a thin shell”

The answer is pretty easy but leaves many people with a bit disappointment.

It does not come with a CD-Rom drive, and that is a great kick in the ass for me, even if there are dozen of alternatives to be used via USB. Whilst from the USB port end, there’s just a single one available on it. The EDGE 3240 comes with a few unique features like 3G Capability (SIM ready), Wifi and Webcam.

While the upcoming additions to the NEO EDGE will be launched on the 22nd October with a new exciting operating system, Windows 7!

It’s great news, if you ask me and it is something to look forward to. I’ll be providing in depth spechs about the NEO EDGE laptops in a later post.

I’d like to thank the people who sponsored the raffle and thank the one who drew my name that made me win a Globe Tatoo! :p