Usually, I treat people of the same niche as competition. I don’t tell them that they are my competition, I don’t show to anyone that they are my competition but on my mind, they are. I define competition differently. They are not people to trash talk about, they are not people to gossip about, nor are they those people that you should hate, but idolize. There’s been this very nice web blog that has always been my inspiration whilst I was still blogging on my dummy Kevin Paquet dot Com about 4 months ago. The author of the blog contributed fairly well to my achievement, oftentimes leaving a couple of comments that helped out really a lot in my development.

Not in the sense that she has left advices, but by just being present on my blog, being one of the few who really interacted with me. NikkyPals dot Com‘s stats was always the spot that I would like to be at. Being around the 250K-310K zone in Alexa, having a Page Rank of 3 (I dropped to PR2 last March and I’m now back on 3). I thought about, what could be wrong with my website? Why can’t I come up with good content that people would enjoy? As for the only missing piece to push me through was this domain name, PinoyTeens.Net

As I started developing Pinoy Teens Online (this web blog) I used NikkyPals as one of the check points to reach. Update after update, I came closer to their boarder, and have even crossed her statistics by over 120K now, in terms of Alexa. And even managed to get back the former honor of PR3. (which I really hoped to be PR4)

She has been my blogging idol not because of the domain name, not because she was a pretty female blogger, also not because of her achievements whilst being a hosted user. But, because of her niche. The Filipino related spirit that lives on and on every single post she published. That’s why, I’ve thought that I could to the same. I’ve got the advantage anyway. WordPress Self-Hosted comes with bunch of advantages over every blogging tool, and that’s a definite solid fact. Whilst her topic was about Filipino Entertainment and News. I kept writing my style about that I, as a Teenager would like to know about.

I’ve put myself into the shoes of a usual teenager, thinking about what I would like to find in the world wide web. Which then, slowly, but surely contributed to the present Pinoy Teens Online, and every bit of code, every single word, that can be seen on this website.

How about you? Who is your blogging idol? I’ve decided to make this a tagging game. But with not all the huge links that could give away all your Page Rank Juice.

All I’m asking from the people that I tag is that they will write a little post about their favorite blogger or favorite blog and leave a little credit to us for tagging them. All will then be part of a master list and shall be featured here soon^^,)

People that I’ll tag:

You may also pass on this tag to your friends to know whom they idolize in the blogoshpere^^,) Enjoy and hopefully, some of those I tag will do this.