Have you ever heard about the Mr Almighty of the world wide web? The site who could answer all of your questions with just a single try? If you haven’t yet, then it’s time to be upset now!

Yes, you read it correctly, there is one website oMr Almightyn the world wide web which is able to answer all of your  questions with just a single click.  All that you have to do is to type in the petition and add your question on the next line and there you go. You may come to notice that there are times when he is unable to answer your questions, don’t you wonder why? Don’t you wonder why he happens to not be able your first, your second, your third or yet all of your questions?

I know, some of you are pretty excited and are in total disbelief that a website like this is really existing, and yes, you’re instinct tells you the truth. There is no website like that available that can answer all your questions with no flaws. So, if you’re one of those who went over to the site right away before finishing reading this post, I have to extend my dearest apology for this prank.

Instead of feeling upset that he has answered all your questions, you may come to feel upset for the fact that you fell for this prank. But seriously, you can make your friends believe in Mr Almighty’s ability to answer all their questions.

It’s actually pretty easy, let me show you how:

First and foremost, you need to open up the website, and let your readers read the incredible simple instructions given on the website. You should be the one to type in their behalf to perform this prank. Now, the best question to kick things off would be asking Mr Almighy how many are you. It’s a good question to be asked because it sounds very credible when you’re a bigger crowd.  But don’t forget to count yourself how many you are.

Now, when you type the petition and end it with the semicolon just like instructed there (:) and come to finish the question with a question mark just as mentioned on the site again (?); you’ll come to notice that he’ll answer back to you not correct answer, but with something like: “You doubt me, etc”.

The trick behind this is, that you are the one who will feed him with the answers. Here’s how it goes.

If for example, you’re 5 in your group, type this text in the petition field:

Pl.5.e answer:

and in the question field, simply type the question and don’t forget to add the question mark at the end of it. After it reloads, you should be able to see the answer below your question. Still don’t get it? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. All that you need to do is to type the answer inbetween the two dots (.) when you type your petition Ex:
and then add type your question as you usually would do, now, don’t forget to add the question mark to it.

Enjoy fooling your friends!