We have recently moved to a new domain name, which was Buhay Kabataan, and ended up settling ourselves on another domain name, teenph.com. Yet just a couple of days after this “said to be” final decision, we, especially I have got something else on my mind, and that is returning to where we came from, which would be pinoyteens.net

Reasons for this idea include the following factors:

  • Loooong time of being indexed
  • Ranking VERY LOW in the search index
  • Low Comment Volume
  • PR0
  • and more factors.

Yet the only reason that hinders me to return from where we came from is AdSense and monetizing which my other writers always wanted to take advantage of.

Do you think that the reason given by them is just, or should we return to our old home? Other factors that speak against my will include the fact that Pinoy Teens is a .NET domain name only, but even though it has been only a .net domain name for all it’s existence, it made a big mark in the Philippine Blogoshpere, especially during the Top 100 Blogs of RATIFIEd.ORG, ranking #10 among the new blogs for year 2008.

Now the final decision comes all down to you, should we return to pinoyteens.net or continue working on this domain name? Also, kindly justify your answer by leaving a comment and stating why you have picked that specific answer of yours. It would be great if you could help us choose the right path.

On the other hand, I’d like to update you regarding the Survey that we are currently hosting, we’ve got a lot of sponsors and yet have only 5 people participating in the survey yet, go ahead and fill up the few boxes to win some great prizes!