2013’s most awaited movie yet, is about to hit the Cinemas near you. From what I know, SM Lanang Premier’s Cinemas are all set to go all out in the first week of screening Marvel and Disney’s blockbuster hit across Cinemas 1 to 6, and of course, IMAX as well.

But what’s with all the IRON MAN 3 hype?

Around the same time last year, Marvel brought us one of the best movies of 2012, The Avengers. It was so good, that many people got hooked with Marvel Superheroes (I for one, was already hooked even before I watched The Avengers) and raised the bar in Superhero Movie collaborations. (something DC Comics is a bit far off right now, given that they’re just about to delve into Superman) It was the pinnacle of all individual superhero movies they’ve released in recent years. From The Hulk, down to Iron Man, Captain America, Iron Man 2 and of course, Thor.

Iron Man 3 acts not only as the first solo-superhero movie after The Avengers in 2012, but also as one of the most controversial ones too. There were so many speculations and questions about what would happen in this movie. Would this this 3rd instalment be the last Iron Man movie? Is Tony Stark going to die? Will this lead the way for Spiderman to make it into The 2nd Avengers movie? All these and more will surely be answered once the movie will be shown at your favorite Movie House near you.

Iron Man 3 Movie Trivia and Preview

Here are some hints (or well, you might consider them spoilers, so beware) about what’s going on in Iron Man 3:

  • There’s said to be a love triangle in this one.
  • The Villain is going to be Mandarin (duh!)
  • No, Tony Stark is not going to die (yet)
  • Yes, there might be another Iron Man movie, even 2 more.
  • Iron Man will be part of the 2nd Avengers Movie

Excited na din ba kayo para sa palabas na ito? 🙂 Well, I am!