Are you ready to get your mommies a present this Mother’s Day? Well if you ain’t have anything in mind yet to give them, let’s take a closer look at some items that are totally not recommended to be offered as a present to your Mother, it’s important to know these no-no’s or else you end up with a year of guilt and probably with a bad shot on your mother, it might result in conflicts after the mothers day and you might not get good food on your table anymore :p

    Worst Mother’s Day Present #1: Don’t Give Nothing, Dad

Arguably, your wife is not your mother, but she’s the woman of your life who aids you in raising your children, if your poor little bastards can offer mother dearest something on her special day of her life (aside fromher birthday); then why can’t you give something on Mother’s Day? I bet she’ll be expecting something from you, especially our mommy readers out there.

    Worst Mother’s Day Present  #2: Apron? Come on!

It’s Mother’s Day, and it should be you who should treat your mother on that special day, either by cooking something for her at home, or by treating her something nice at the Malls. But please, don’t forget to forget to buy her an Apron, you don’t want to remind her about the chore of cleaning the house and preparing food for you.

    Worst Mother’s Day Present #3: Too big or too small clothings..

This is bad and from what ever you look at it it’s still bad, you might insult mother if you buy her something too small as this may make her look too fat, or probably the other way around if you get clothings that don’t fit her due to the huge size of the items you purchased for her. By doing so, instead of doing her a favor, you’re doing nothing good at all, even if you’d say that “you were trying to do your Mother a favor”. It’s your mother after all, and asking her size won’t be that hard.

These are just a couple of things that you should not give to your Ilaw ng Tahanan, how the Filipino families call their mommies. Hope that this helps you in picking the right gift for your female aid during your childhood years. Again, just to remind you if you have forgotten, above written is a list of worst Mother’s Day presents! Tomorrow, we’ll present you a list with a few items that are just the most perfect things to give your mother on her very special day (again, aside from her birthday) but for now, before I might forget to publish a post on the 10th of May. Advance Happy Mother’s Day Mommies!