The situation of the brownouts all over Mindanao looks to get worse before any silver lining is in sight.

Brian Diosma of the Mindanao Power Monitoring Committee (MPMC) said the long brownouts are likely because of a 300-megawatt energy deficit in Mindanao.

Unless that 300-megawatt energy deficit is going to be addressed and reduced (at best even, eliminated) it looks to get worse before things start getting better.

For example, the MPMC spokesman said the Pulangi hydro plant, which normally generates around 265 megawatts, was producing only 60 MW as of Tuesday afternoon.

Cagayan Electric Power and Light Co. Inc (Cepalco) will soon follow suit with Davao City which is already experiencing up to 8 hours (and sometimes even more) brownouts as of today.

Some places in Mindanao doing relatively well:

Agusan del Sur, which bought a modular generating set, is experiencing shorter brownouts while Bayugan city and other towns in Agusan del Sur are experiencing two hours a day, according to Diosma.

Let’s hope that Steag State Power Inc. can get one of their two generators at their 210-MW coal plant up and running. It is slated to provide energy to the Mindanao grid starting this Thursday. It still won’t be enough to cover the 300-megawatt deficit, but an additional 105-megawatt is definitely a welcome improvement. SPI also said that the second generator may be up and running on June 1, 2014, adding another 105-megawatt to the Mindanao grid.

As of this writing, May 7, 2014 – Davao City is still going to experience unusual hours of brownouts everyday. For a more closer and detailed look at the schedule, click here.