I find no more pleasant way to start this article, but to name Melissa’s ex-boyfriend as a big fcking asshole. I’m sorry for all who oppose me, but that’s really just what I’m feeling right now.

I’ve immediately grabbed my Macbook Pro out from my room and took it to the living room to immediately blog about my thoughts and opinions about the recent event that is taking place inside the Big Brother House.

This guy, named ROY sucks. I can understand that he agreed to go to Manila -so that he can get out of his nest in General Santos-, I mean who wouldn’t, it was for free. What bothers me is the way he is approaching Melissa. It is just not right.

From what I figured, both of them wanted the breakup, and he, Roy, insisted the most to have a breakup. He has no right on Melissa anymore, but he is still acting like he owns her.

Ibigay kita kay Jason? Pagxur anak. As if you’re the one who owns her, how can you give something that’s not of your property to someone else? I mean, in truth, no one really owns anybody, but lalo na ikaw ROY, baka gusto mo aso namin, kamukha kayo.

And, you’ve got the courage to call Melissa your love? Despite the fact that you’ve got a girlfriend in Gensan? C’mon, something ain’t right there!

Tingnan mo tuloy, hindi masyado maganda si Melissa, kasi naging kamukha mo. Buti nalang, di natuluyan nagmukhang syokoy kagaya mo.

Your dearest hater,