This is a post in relation to my colleagues recent Facebook Status in which he went berserk, but rightfully so. It’s just unfortunate that the News and Media, both on National Television and on Paper report MINDANAO to be a place of WAR and TROUBLE when in fact only specific areas are experiencing so.

Davao based blogger on "War in Mindanao"

Davao based blogger on "War in Mindanao"

I’m living here in Davao City, and yes, I feel very safe. I feel sorry for the places in Mindanao that experience WAR per se, but there’s certainly no WAR in Davao City. It makes me feel so sad and disappointed that the News Paper and News Reporters generalize the whole situation in Mindanao. I think of it as being very unprofessional and unethical.

Reports should be made more accurately, more concise, and not just made up. You’re Journalists and News Reporters for God’s sake, you’re causing more trouble reporting misleading headlines rather than helping out.

Davao City feels safer than Metro Manila. By day and by more so by night.

There’s no place in the Philippines that has made me feel safer than Davao City. Not Cebu, not Legazpi, and certainly not Metro Manila. I dare you to live in Davao City and see for yourself how peaceful and safe our place is compared to Manila or any place in the Philippines, for instance. Even Cagayan de Oro and General Santos City felt safer when I went there. You can’t take that away from me, it’s a firsthand experience!

Another colleague notes that Media nowadays has become more subjective than objective. Trying to sell the information for the views/clicks, rather than providing honest information. Yeah, we all know the truth can sound boring… and labeling whole Mindanao as a War Zone is more catchy indeed. Pitiful.

What are your thoughts on this? Should MEDIA generalize that WAR is going on in MINDANAO whilst only certain areas experience WAR? It’s a big no, no for me!