Kevin announced that he won’t support nor post live stream details for the upcoming Mayweather Mosley fight. But the rest of the staff on Pinoy Teens online are up for the challenge provide you the fight through live stream. As always, we are going to post the details about the upcoming boxing match between the undefeated Floyd Mayweather JR and Shane Mosley a few days before the fight itself, and then just update it whenever needed if in case our channels fail – which they never have yet. We were always able to bring out working channels before the fight!

Count on us for boxing live streams

Just about 3-4 weeks ago, Kevin led the pack in promoting his post, and the sopcast live stream channels for the Pacquiao Clottey fight which was a decent success for him. We are going to try to duplicate it, and even go for a back-to-back MAY awesomeness like last year. You can count on us for boxing fights like this. This is not the first, and will surely not be the last one that we will cover for you. I assure you that we can accommodate all of you and that we will find working channels for your sopcast player before their fists hit each others face.

Mayweather Mosley result is very vital

While we all good know that Pacquiao’s mom would prefer Manny to retire from boxing, his fans don’t really want him to. Nor do analysts of this sport think so. All want to see a Pacquiao Mayweather within this year, or by the farthest imagination, early next year. The fans deserve a fight between the two most explosive, popular and successful boxers of the sport.

With Mayweather facing Mosley, the result may turn out very vital. If Floyd succeeds, then there might be no stopping for the biggest fight of the decade to hit our monitors soon, if he fails, then there might be a change in plan in who Pacquiao’s next opponent will be. Still, we’re going for Mayweather.

We will keep you posted throughout the month on working live stream channels, subscribe to us via email or just visit back frequently!

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