I will try to keep this post short. May Bukas Pa has just become a trending topic on Twitter between the 8 and 9 in the evening (and is continues to do so). I am very well aware that a lot of Filipinos are following teleseries May Bukas Pa, but I did not expect them to be able to shake Twitter the way that they did.

It truly shows that Abs-Cbn has created a television series that does not only appeal to the older crowd (like most of their soap operas), but also to the younger generation, like proven through Twitter.

May Bukas Pa had its finale this very evening, just a few hours back. It jumpstarted it journey through the Twitter Trending Topic on the 8th position and ended up being the number one most discussed topic between 8-9PM in the Twitters Trending Charts. While it was also able to reach the second place on the trending Twitter Topics on the sidebar for all logged in people to see!

Santino, the miracle boy who leads the teleserie May Bukas Pa did a very excellent job in the show throughout its one year appearance on national television, this is one of the rare cases that makes me proud to have chosen the Kapamilya way. You can say all you want and debate all you want which television network rules -no one will be able to create such amazing television series like Abs-Cbn did with May Bukas Pa!

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Congratulations to the staff and the cast of the said tv series for entertaining millions of Filipinos within and outside of the Philippines! You’ve not only come to entertain us, but you’ve proven that you are the superior network and that you can do something special even without the special effects that many have longed to see in Philippine Television, since we all know that even cinema wise, we’re much behind the other countries!