No doubt, Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan, the third book of a set for five book series entitled Heroes of Olympus is one of the most anticipated books this year.

Reason for that – aside from the given that Percy Jackson and his friends are quite famous in the realm of literature and children (and even teen/young adult) fiction – was the very hanging conclusion to the second book of the Heroes of Olympusseries. We were all left in the dry without any Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase scene of any kind – both have been separated all through the first two books. New friendships were built, new characters were introduced, but there is no denying how much all readers look forward to the unity – or fight – between Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter.

The Mark of Athena Book Cover

The Mark of Athena Book Cover

Mark of Athena biggest question yet: Who is the seventh Demigod?

One of the biggest questions that we tried to tackle in an earlier post was, who among the given demigods would complete the Prophecy of Seven. Clearly, Annabeth Chase plays a huge role in this book, given that her mother is Athena and that she’s the one narrating the first chapter. But is Annabeth the seventh of the prophecy? Some believe yes, others aren’t convinced of her skill. All other demigods in the Prophecy of Seven have extraordinary talent, except her if she would make it. Who knows? Rick Riordan might introduce a whole new character altogether.

For those who have missed the first chapter in The Mark of Athena, click this link here to read it.

Of course though, you’ll be kept hanging again. (spoiler!)

Release date for Mark of Athena

The third book of Heroes of Olympus is set to be released this fall, around the 2nd of October, 2012.