Finally, Maricel Soriano breaks her silence about the issue of her alleged assault on her former household members who were May Cachuela and Camille Acojedo. Although she hasn’t been interviewed personally, she expresses her feelings through her counter affidavit.

Here are excerpts from the counter-affidavit of Maricel:

“I did not commit any act that would constitute the crimes of grave threats, unjust vexation, slander, oral defamation and physical injuries.

“This complaint is clearly a form of harassment and an attempt to extort money from me.

“I saw her [Cachuela] holding my wallet and apparently rummaging through its contents.

“Worse, their allegation that I threatened to lock them up in their room is a complete lie considering that their room does not have a lock.

“Allegation that I attempted to reach my gun is utterly false considering that I did not keep any gun in my house.”

The two helpers won’t give up the fight. They are disappointed the Maricel did not come on their hearing last October 3 in Makati Prosecutors Office. They are also supported by the ALE or Association of Laborers and Employees.