Marian Rivera who’s also known as Dyesebel at the moment is said to have a relationship with Dingdong Dantes who plays Fredo in the same teleserie of GMA Network. People noticed that beside the fact about the “other rumor” that she and her boyfriend Ervic Vijandre broke up, she still manages to keep her chin up and smile without showing a little bit of affection or sadness.

All that she can say is that “there is no reason to be sad, with all the blessings that are pouring down on her, and all the fans and supporters that make her happy day in and day out, and that, despite the fact that Dyesebel is about to end very soon.”

Dingdong who is currently in the states will return to the Philippines on the 17th of the month, early enough for the inauguration of GMA Network Annex. So, it won’t be quite long for her to miss him. And sitll, our question remains unanswered. Adding to it, she says, that she will and Dingdong are set for the taping of another big movie, One True Love and another Soap Opera wherein their respective characters are going to the “a bit more mature” level.

Pretty exciting news for all the Marian Fans, isn’t it? Watch out for these and more, soon.