She’s got a decent performance, she satisfactory knows how to sing, she’s got a fairly pleasant voice, that’s Madonna Decena who’s nothing special. For those who don’t know about Madonna Decena and why she’s labeled as a cry baby, here’s bits of information about her for you. Madonna is of Filipino origin who lives in the United Kingdom to support the rest of the family that stayed behind in the Philippines. She’s got the talent of singing and asking for pity from the audience who have lessened her load and carried her to the semi finals of the Britain’s Got Talent 2008. But after her lame statement during the semis, there’s not much light ahead her sparking career.Britain's Got Talent

Her introduction about herself and the statement she left wasn’t quite pleasing to the ears of the Filipino audience who were able to watch Madonna Decena’s performance on YouTube or on Television for those fellow Kababayan who live in England. Self pity, was the case, exaggerating that living in the Philippines is bad, hard, and full of sacrifices. What else would you expect from other families? She’s surely not the only Filipina with the same case of trying their best to lift their families to a higher level, but self-pity won’t bringing anyone any further, especially the Filipino in general who are very fund of pitying themselves and eventually end up showing off their tragic lives without moving a finger to help themselves out.

Yes, she performs in that contest to help her family out, but she isn’t performing what she’s supposed to do (which is singing) but she’s going all the way risking her slot in the finals by trying to gain the due sympathy of the audience to help her again. I’m not saying that she’s been like that all through the contest, but based on what I have seen, there’s nothing much that recommends the opposite of my thought. It’s not Madonna who has that kind of problem but almost every citizen of the Philippines who assuming to much help from the people around them, while not even helping themselves.

“Ever since I entered this competition, it didn’t change much, I’m still poor, my kids still long for me…” those have been the words she uttered that suggest in favor of my appeal that she has been asking for the sympathy of the crowd. No one is poor in this world and certainly not her who has been blessed by being able to go abroad, earn money, join a competition like that, have hundreds of thousands of people fooled to support her; and the most important thing, have a family that she’s nurturing, rather than having no family at all. It’s not what you have that matters, but how much you matter what you have.

For all the curious people who want to know what she exactly said you can click on the video link below which will also lead you to Madonna Decena Semi Final Britain’s Got Talent 08 performance.

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