I was listening to Davao City’s iFM this afternoon and spent an hour on the Comfort Room that is headed by one of the cute-voiced Dj’s of the said station. I was entrecard dropping that moment and I’m now totally hooked with the issue as I can somehow indirectly relate to the problem that the feminine letter sender is experiencing as-I-write.

The girl going by the name Tia has a decent problem with one of her crushes, or her only crush in this case who goes by the name Ryan and is her first love, even if they are not committed but are friends only. The guy has been acting close to her, kind, sweet, caring and all other characteristics that a boyfriend might show to her girlfriend. Even if to emphasize once more, that they are friends only.

The mind bugging question/s:

Does the guy love the girl? Or doesn’t? Is the letter sender really in love with the girl? What should the sender Tia do now?

ps: This post is just an excerpt of the whole article that can be seen on the Love Bug Love Blog, click on the title to read the whole story