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One of our readers disclosed to us one official name of a Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 Housemates who goes by the name Kyra Custodia. It is not official, until we see the person in the house, but maybe, just maybe this might be someone!

It is said that Kyra Custodia is from Lipa, Batangas and that PBB has picked him up earlier for the teen’s entrance to the PBB house this coming April 10, 2010 which isn’t far away from the time I’m writing this article; it’s actually just a few hours away from now.

Other Official PBB Teen Clash 2010 Profiles

We will publish the official profiles of the other housemates of PBB Teen Clash 2010 once they go online and are available for grabs for the various PBB Clash related blogs out there. For now, we’ll leave you with this little teaser! For the mean time, have a look at our few rumored housemates list.

Update: Tama ang tip na binigay ni Dennio

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