Kris Aquino is in the showbiz headlines once again.  Albeit this may be a late article about this current fiasco since you probably have heard everything from The Buzz and from other showbiz news sources already, I’m still going to say something about this since I’m also driven when it comes to such topics.

It’s very sad that Krissey’s marriage with popular basketball player James Yap is on the rocks once more.  We all know how James Yap faced public humiliation when Hope, an ex-employee of Belo Medical Group admitted in national television that she had an affair with James Yap and had sexual relations with him inside the Belo clinic’s cubicles.  This revelation resulted to Kris, pulling out her affiliation with the clinic and even her friendship with the company’s key player Dr. Vicki Belo.

This time, Kris Aquino-Yap is being accused of a Valle Verde 5 resident Mayen Austria of being completely rude and inconsiderate when Kris confronted her about the fact that she keeps on calling and sending James Yap messages about her recent heartbreak.  This has infuriated Kris because it has already become a huge disturbance to their daily activities.  In an interview in The Buzz, Kris narrated that her string was pulled when Mayen called James on the phone in the middle of their meal. This made Kris decide that she will already confront Mayen and tell her that she is not happy with her frequent calls for James.

The main issue of Kris here is how unhappy she is with Mayen’s persistence and the recurrence of her calls and SMS messages for James.  The point of Kris is that James is a married man and another girl bugging him (even as a friend) about her heartache is not a good thing to see. This is especially that said calls and messages are already interrupting the couple’s daily activities.  So before a taping, Kris decided to drop by Mayen’s residence which was only a street away from theirs to inform her that she is aware of her frequent calls and that she is not happy anymore with what Mayen’s doing.  Kris informed James about this and as a result, James told Mayen that Kris will be coming and that the best thing for her to do is to just say sorry for what she has done (what a wuss = James Yap).

Mayen’s mother welcomed Kris in their home informing her that various figures like a bishop and an old head of Poveda were there.  Despite the presence of said figures, Kris was not halted from doing her real intention in going there which was to confront Mayen.  At the end of the day, said confrontation took place and Kris headed to an overdue taping afterwards.

Days after, rumors about the aforementioned incident spread with some accusations against Kris stating that she cussed and yelled at Mayen during the confrontation and even neighbors heard it.

Kris Aquino has a sosyalerang-taklesang image so this could have really happened.  However, I find it extremely peculiar that after leaking this issue to the public and bragging about the witnesses present during the event, Mayen’s camp suddenly chose to keep mum about the issue. What was their point in bringing this issue to the public, really? I am pretty sure that it was to seek revenge after Kris “cussed” and “yelled” at them during the confrontation.  Said decision to just keep mum about it after bringing it out makes me skeptic about their real intentions in leaking the details of the incident. Was it to earn the sympathy of the public after such humiliating incident? Was it to merely scrutinize the rude behavior of Kris and fight for their crushed egos because they were “cussed” and “yelled at”? Or like how many people perceive it, was the leakage made to affect Noynoy Aquino’s candidacy? I mean I really do not get it! In one way or another, Mayen really is at fault here because she’s the one who kept on bugging James Yap even though she knows that James is married! If I were her, I won’t even disclose said confrontation to people who couldn’t be trusted for it is really due to a shameless act.  

Whatever the reason for th leakage is, I still find the cussing and yelling claims together with Mayen’s decision to keep mum about it dubious. First of all, I believe that residents of Valle Verde are mostly composed of the educated and rich ones. If you have a bishop and the former head of one of the most prestigious exclusive schools in the country chit-chatting in your home while sipping tea, you are UNDENIABLY oozing with wealth, influence and up there in the social classes. These people are the types who won’t let someone else step on their morale especially if they know that they on the right side.  Unlike the average people, these kinds won’t be ever threatened if ever the one their going up against is a really huge figure like Kris Aquino–and I think it’s a general belief that yelling at you and CUSSING you is something which can really crush someone’s ego, isn’t it?  Especially if you’re talking about these so-rich-I-live-in-Valle kind of people, they won’t be happy with their egos and shattered stepped on.

So IF EVER there is truth to the cussing and yelling thing, WHY KEEP MUM?  WHY NOT DEFEND YOUR STAND?  That is just so weird!

Well why does Kris Aquino have my back now? Some people have been actually saying that Kris is such a hypocrite because she was once a woman who had affairs with married men like Philip Salvador and Joey Marquez. For this, people have been saying that she does not have the right to confront Mayen for what she has been doing with James. Folks, this I believe, is NOT a question about her past anymore!  I actually applaud her for not tolerating James’ mischief for this shows us that Kris is AWARE that what she has done with those men is WRONG and must not be tolerated.  Ergo, you see a culture of learning in this idea–that Kris Aquino has changed significantly and she wants to protect her marriage.  Secondly, I must say that I am truly impressed by Kris’ efforts to make her marriage work and expunge disturbing factors such as Mayen. This just proves that contrary to popular belief, the Kris-James tandem is more than the I-have-fame-and-money-give-me-company kind of set-up. Come on guys, I am sure that during the hype of their relationship everyone was thinking of that! It’s inevitable because Kris is older than James and he had really humble steps towards his basketball career which makes James really susceptible to monetary prizes even that means he has to marry a truly “one-of-a-kind” woman.

I hate to do this but I would have to give Jinkee Pacquiao as a parallel example.  Okay fine, I supported Jinkee during the hype of the Krista Ranillo issue.  However, I always wished that Jinkee did better than giving subtle hints of her wrath for Krista.  She’s Jinkee Pacquiao, the wife of a gazillionaire world-famous boxer.  I believe Jinkee could have done more than just interviews and crying in public when matters about her marriage were brought up, etc.  You know, she could have confronted Krista herself and reminded that girl of her status and position so she could have stopped acting like a very important person in Manny’s life.  I would see that as a huge manifestation of empowerment–that she is not threatened by Manny’s gloves (figuratively, okay) or lured by the riches her husband continues to shower her–I mean like she only sees
those riches as a bonus but still prioritizes her sole possession of Manny.  If you’re a woman, you surely know how EXCRUCIATING it is if you know that your man is sticking his dick in someone else’s hole.  Just SMSing another girl and denying it even if you know it is already infuriating enough, okay?  I’m not being idealistic here… But I believe that NEVER should the man’s wealth be an enough patch for those heart wounds those affairs are leaving.  Why? Because by doing that, you cultivate a culture of being an underdog.  And women, don’t be underdogs in your relationship especially if you are in a marriage–that is like digging your own emotional grave.  Depression sucks, I’m telling you. It affects you, your view of your children and your children as well in the long run.

Well if you will say ay si Kris naman ang mas malaking kita kay James kaya okay lang sa kanya ‘yun ‘no!  Hindi nya habol ang pera ni James! Exactly!  Kris has all the wealth and the fame that every woman envies once in a while. She could have just shrugged this problem off and let James have all the good times he wants but in real life, this is not the case. Universally, when a woman’s relationship is threatened by an outside factor, it gives a stabbing and a stinging pain REGARDLESS if you live in Payatas or in Valle Verde. Folks, this is why I’m giving my back to Kris in this issue–for she has proven that there’s more worth in her identity than we have ever thought of. A prominent figure like her who has been always seen by women as the ideal example for wealth, career and intelligence stepping down from the pedestals of an ideal life is something to really admire…and in many ways, teaches us a lot of lessons too.

To girls, confiding with a MARRIED man about your heartache is wrong.  It gives a lot of wrong impressions and a lot of false instincts. When we confide with a man, the tendency of a man is to be comforting and kind–two characteristics that women WILL ALWAYS, ALWAYS FALL FOR even if it’s just for the sake of creating a positive image! That is what your girlfriends are for!  You might not sometimes intend it but that is already subtle flirting.  To add, how would you feel if you were put into the shoes of the girlfriends of the men you confide with? 😉 Will you end up sleeping with peace of mind and security? I’m betting my money for otherwise.