Kevin may not be a winner in the Philippine Blog Awards in any of the 3 categories his blogs have been nominated in, but that says a lot already, doesn’t it?

Yet Kevin has certainly won the Peer Blog Awards among us, the trio that started it all here at Pinoy Teens.

All of us here, aside from Princess Kaye and your very beautiful (char lang) Izy are proud of Kevin and what he has achieved this year. He’s come far after falling into a slump a year earlier and messing up halfway through 2009. It’s going upwards now I believe!

What makes Kevin the real winner in our eyes?

Many don’t see how dedicated Kevin is, that’s alright, we give you that. The problem that’s always been around is that he has problems socializing with people, making friends and keeping connections. He only had a few friends in High School up until the present day and was never a good persuader.

He was never the strong competitive guy, but the supportive and helpful one.

I’m so proud of what Kevin has achieved this year in terms of being a good friend and Kuya to the people around him. I can’t tell to which extent he was part of the success of his friends, but I’m very sure that he is one of the reasons his friends are where they are at the moment.

I called him up a few hours ago when I heard the news that he’s (very) sick at the moment. He told me that his friend has won in the Philippine Blog Awards, which in my opinion makes him a winner alongside his colleague.

That hasn’t been the only case this year when Kevin was of help to other people, but there are many other instances in which he helped out. I’m so proud of him, his personality, and how he cares about his closest friends.

Rest assured we will help you in 2012 that you will get into the spotlight, too!