Paulino Avelino and KC Concepcion are dating. Whether there’s more to that than merely dating, Paulino did not disclose.

Paulino Avelino dropped the ball last November 3, 2013 during a Buzz ng Bayan interview. During the said interview, he admitted that he is dating KC Concepcion but refused to go more in depth about their current relationship status or whether they are exclusively dating and so on. The bottom line of this: Paulino Avelino and KC Concepcion are dating.

Buzz ng Bayan Host Boy Abunda started off asking how he and KC Concepcion are doing. Boy Abunda’s colleague Janice De Belen followed up asking if he likes KC.

It took just a simple meaningful smile for Paulino Avelino who then admitted that they were dating.

Catch Paulino Avelino in his upcoming movie

The buzz about Paulino and KC Concepcion wasn’t the main reason why he guested at the said show on ABS-CBN. He was there to promote his upcoming movie “Status: It’s Complicated” which will be aired soon in Cinemas near you. More on this movie in a later blog post.

KC Concepcion and dating men

One thing that some may have noticed is that, with KC Concepcion and Paulino Avelino dating, KC has finally seemed to drop the ball on dating older men – given that Paulino is significantly younger than KC by 3 years. (But hey, let’s not get too fiddled with the age, specially looking back at what Freddie Aguilar did. Lol)