Former PBB Teen Edition 4 Housemate Karen Reyes talks about “Teenage Pregnancy” Confused whether Teens are just liberated or if it’s an ongoing trend.

Karen Reyes, one of the former housemates part of the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 Season shared some of her thoughts about Teenage Pregnancy. What bothers her is, that many of her friends – of her same age – are facing problems in line with Teenage Pregnancy, either being pregnant or impregnating someone else.

Karen is quite unsure to consider the problem of teenage pregnancy as an ongoing trend, or if the teens of today are just more liberated. (Yours truly believes on the latter, by the way)

Karen Reyes opinion on Teenage Pregnancy:

“I don’t know why some of us are imprudent. I’m young and I have a lot of dreams; I want to accomplish many things. I can’t imagine having a baby at my age,” Karen shared.

To be honest, these words coming from Karen Reyes come quite as a surprise for me. Good that she’s that mature, though.