I belong to a dysfunctional family–where the dysfunction primarily comes from my Dad’s good times. I have witnessed my parents’ fights about my Dad’s other women lots of times.  I lived with my Dad’s other woman for a year when he accommodated her in our home and deceived us that she was just a mere officemate in need of temporary board and lodging.  Yes, I lived with that whore, my Dad and my Mom under the same roof. It was such a very painful experience–especially for a child who has lots of love and respect for her Mom to see your Dad (who you equally respect too) see other women who are not in the same caliber as your Mom in the back doors.  This, my dear friends is the main reason why I NEVER support the ideas of a man seeing another woman or bedding a woman who is not his significant other.  Yes, I didn’t put the word “married” before the “man” in my previous sentence because I believe it’s the same way for both married and unmarried men–as long as they committed themselves to a woman and vowed to love her unconditionally.  Of course, more pressure is imposed on married men here. On the PacMan-Krista Ranillo issue, I do not think I should still give a lengthy backgrounder for the issue here.  We all know the deets now.  Bottom line is, Krista Ranillo is the alleged apple of the eye of The Pound For Pound King right now. Allegations extend to claims like PacMan doled out an estimated amount of 2 Million bucks (I don’t know if it’s in PHP or USD) for Krista Ranillo’s younger sister’s cleft palate operation in the United States.  There is also this circulating video around the Internet which shows PacMan leaving the Jimmy Kimmel show while driving his own car–nothing special right? However, the thing in that video IS it showed a young girl in the passenger seat covering her face when she foreshadowed that there were paparazzis taking videos of them leaving.  That girl who has the same face contour as Krista Ranillo’s covered her face with her hand and hid from the cameras.  Unfortunately (for PacMan fans who want to give their idol the benefit of the doubt) the girl in the video is DEFINITELY not Jinkee Pacquaio (who is PacMan’s wife as we all know).  Manny Pacquaio Leaves Jimmy Kimmel Site With an Unknown Woman — this is the video, folks!


Since Ms. Ranillo has not released any concrete statement regarding the issue yet, I do not really know what to say.  But I just find it entirely disappointing that this is the 2nd time that Ranillo has been involved with a married man!  As the saying puts it, if there’s smoke then there is fire.  I do not think that these allegations are purely unfounded.  Of course there are reasons why people have come up with such conclusions.  There is also a report that PacMan and Ranillo have been seen having a good time alone in Hong Kong sometime this year.  Ranillo has been said to be the cause of Miss Gina Alajar and Mike De Mesa’s split years ago.  As a matter of fact, Miss Alajar even stated in her Facebook account that “Krista Ranillo is not worth it”–sending a message to Jinkee. I believe that what is more disappointing is that Krista Ranillo is someone who went to the best schools in the country. According to what is written, Krista went to St. Pedro Poveda College (formerly known as Poveda Learning Center) for her primary and secondary education and finished her undergraduate degree at the Ateneo De Manila University.  I am acknowledging the possibilities that she may not have instilled the good values that her Alma Mater has taught its students hence her guts to wreck a famous figure’s marriage.  However, I do not think that she is THAT uneducated and ill-equipped for a good job for her to be able to earn money for her younger sister’s medical needs.  And even if she does not actually go to the usual labor force, I think it’s not an educated person’s resort to cling to a gazillionaire in order to suffice for her family’s monetary needs.  Hello, she has the contacts and links that she can use as tools to get her showbiz career skyrocketting and earn big bucks eventually.  I do not think she has exhausted her capabilities already in showbiz for her to say that it’s nothing but her last resort (clinging to Pacquaio) because as far as I am concerned, posing in FHM isn’t exhausting her capabilities.  Duh, hello!




I feel sorry for Jinkee and her children.  Because this act of PacMan (if ever allegations are true) sends the message that contrary to his claims, he obviously does not value his family that much.  Please do not give me the reason that he is damn rich hence he has the right to get all the pleasure he wants–even it is from other women.  Hell, if not for Jinkee’s utmost love and compassion for the love of her life, PacMan won’t be where he is right now–admit it.  Admit that Jinkee served as PacMan’s number one inspiration when he was nothing.  After all, Jinkee stood for and loved PacMan from the very time that PacMan was actually nothing in the Boxing scene.  So does she deserve this kind of backbiting?  In front of the whole world?  I beg to differ.  Rich or poor, a man does not have the right to cheat on his wife. I know that there are lots of PacMan fans who visit this site.  But I do not think I should be reprimanded with all your harsh comments (if ever you plan to give me hehe) for airing out what I think not only as a woman but also as an AVERAGE REASONABLE PERSON.  But I believe that as PacMan fans, you should know better for your idol. For me?  Night or day, Team Jinkee is the way! 🙂