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It all started 4 years ago…


The Pinoy Teens Online Community is celebrating its 4th founding day. It was on this day 4 years ago when it all started, when the concept revolving around Pinoy Teens became reality as the by-product of the back then known Pasaway Kingdom Forum Community.


I just newly turned 17 when I got in charge of pinoyteens.net. I didn’t knew where I was heading to. I never expected Pinoy Teens to become a well respected trademark in the Filipino Blogging Community. Whilst I’m aware that our blog name may not sound a bell in the ears of many…  I do believe though, that a good number of the oldies in the blogging community know about the existence of Pinoy Teens and how rapid it grew midway of 2008 towards the end of 2009.


It was heck of an accomplishment for a 17 year old to run a blog which was roamed by many – over 2,000,000 Unique Visitors since March 2008.


The sad part is that I’m not a Teenager anymore. I’ve just turned 20 last 13th of this month yet it still feels like yesterday when we got the site up. We, namely Izy Bautista, Princess Quin and yours truly.


On a brighter note though, the future of Pinoy Teens looks very promising. I’m getting my girlfriend on board to act as a lead person in the future development of this blog. Guess how old she is? 17.


YES 2009 as the PEAK of our EXISTENCE


Attending the Youth Summit in Malaysia last 2009 was the highest mark in my timeline at Pinoy Teens. I do hope that under the new administration, Pinoy Teens will soar even higher than that. Being invited to the Summit via a personal email made me feel accomplished and proud. People actually believed in what the site stands for.


Yet I didn’t… a lot.


That’s why Pinoy Teens started to fall apart when 2010 came along and has been on a downfall ever since – although we’re slowly bouncing back. Still, a lot of people believed in me, talked me strong motivated me to hold on and not let go of this website. Specially then when we got offered $5,000 by an anonymous bidder (who just wanted us out of their way).


(Some) Things Have Changed

There are a few blogs that I know from old days, bloggers and blogs with whom I grew along. Some have died, some have remained, others became popular, while another group remained the personal empire of the bloggers who run them… one thing is for sure though,


Pinoy Teens Online is here to stay and late 2011 to 2012 will be the most golden time at Pinoy Teens yet.


We will continue to Educate, Entertain and Inform all of you.


Thanks for Everything

I don’t want to sound so melodramatic right now, but there are a few people who I would like to mention here. People who inspired me throughout my stay in the online world. Without them, I would have never gotten this far.


Charles, Faust and Lyle – 3 of the finest and highest earning bloggers that I know from Davao. I have met them at the Mini WordCamp Davao in 2008 and we’ve been good friends since then. There have been arguments and misunderstanding along the way, but that’s how it is, good company always gets through these rough times someday.


Orman and Avel – Orman and Avel Manansala. The FAB Bro’s from General Santos City! These two have earned every bit of my respect as a blogger. As hilarious and funny Orman appears in his blog posts matches the authoritarian appeal of content that Sir Avel is posting up on his blog. I came across Avel through a personal email he sent me, inviting me to attend the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit which was hosted in General Santos City. You just don’t know how flattered I was getting that email invitation!


Nikkypals – I don’t know if you come to read this. I know, I have told you before why I really idolized you. You have been one of those bloggers I really adored when I got started with my own and I’ll never forget the confidence boast it has given me whenever you dropped by at mine.


Mark Cabrera – one of the few teenage bloggers that I know from Davao City. He got exposed to blogging at a young age, just like me. It never fails to have company near your own age. I can’t find the right words right now why I’m including, but it’s just that he’s been a contributing factor to my blogging in the past 2 years.


The Abella Group of Bloggers (wth term, LOL) – From Ria Jose, to Andrew, to Angel and even Ate Joanna included. These people have really enlighten me in path as a blogger. There are times I’ve sucked it up to them in one way or another, but its good to know that at the end of the day, there are people like these few that I’ve mentioned who can alway provide input that makes sense. Always something new to learn!


Janette Toral – I’ll be forever grateful for all the advices and encouragement that I have received from Janette. She’s been a good friend to me and a good mentor. We don’t talk too often though, to be honest. Yet each time we get into a conversation, there’s always something that I’ll take home with me from whatever she tells me. Thank you for being so supportive in your own small ways.



Thank you for all the support you give me. Thank you for reading the content that we put up. I really appreciate people correcting me, specially now when my English vocabulary and grammar has taken a serious dip quality. It makes me feel complete to have served my readers – specially those who acknowledge me as a blessing to their lives. All the 1,700 email subscribers who keep reading (but not commenting, hmp) the blog despite the dip in quality content as well. It can only get better from here on. and I’m sure that it will get better and better.




– Georg Kevin A. Paquet

Student Blogger, Pinoy Teens Online & Philippine Teens Media Lead




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