Just a while ago, I went over to the house of my bestfriend. He cried, and cried and cried. I didn’t quite catched up with what happened to him and his girlfriend. But after waiting a couple of minutes, his eyes ran dry and we finally were able to talk.

Everything started with a very small issue. But well, everything big starts from something small. And it’s very true, even for unpleasant stuff, like breakups and so in a relationship. Although, I’m happy to say that it did not come that far. Since I know, that just for a little issue, my bestfriend would never leave his beloved girl.

But well, so that you, readers can understand better, let me tell you what that small issue was. Just few hours ago, his girlfriend texted him in a way that he has noticed that she has a problem. He directly approached her what was bugging her or causing that moody instance. Additionally he asked, if a guy is the cause of everything. But she denied it at all cost.

Knowing well, that my bestfriend is a very hard headed guy, he kept on asking and asking and asking with no sign of ending until she would finally spill out the truth, which she eventually did after some time. I wonder what could’ve run through her mind to start a little, simple lie. Yes I know, it’s just a little thing, but it’s still considered as a lie. And from a little lie, greater ones may follow, which I hope will not, and which I really doubt to happen. But well, just like I’ve never thought of her to lie to him in anyway, she has just done so this very evening, which clearly speaks for itself, that everything is possible.

I know, my bestfriend has a lot of experience in fooling other people, and getting fooled. (he did not fool anyone, anymore since the 21st of February 2007) So, I can confidently say that no one may trick him that easily, and if he’s eager enough to seek for the truth, he will and will find what’s the real stuff beyond the shadow of the lie. Although, I’m  very much in favor of that particular girl to be his girlfriend, I need to say, that the percentage of how much I used to like her, has decreased, but still, if there is someone who should marry him when he grows old, the first person I would recommend would only be Daizel Cortez.

Being personally “hurt” at some point because of what my bestfriend (who’s lying on his bed and wiping his tears here beside me), went through tonight, I’ve quite lost the reason why I’m writing this. LOL. It’s just, wala lang. I just want to share some stuff that’s going on here in Davao to get an entry out for today and to share a problem (like Teen Support Channel) that your very administrator is currently facing.

So, to do make some sense at last. I’d like to ask you a little question. Or maybe let’s say some questions.

What would you do in his place? Would you leave your boyfriend/girlfriend if he/she would lie to you in anyway? Hmm.. Do you think that this girl of his is still reliable and won’t repeat lying to him?

The comment box is open, and awaiting all your point of views..