Our 2nd Tag game here on Pinoy Teens Online! Last time, there was only 1 person who responded to our tag game. Errr… Well, hopefully this time more people will do.. This tag is like a little survey.


Join our I’m Blogging With Tag Game! It’s easy to join, here are the instructions!

  • First of all, start copying from *start copying* down to end copying*
  • Answer this question briefly and concretely: I am blogging with: (name the software or service)

Example: I am blogging with WordPress, own hosted because it adds me more functionality and features than a blog hosted on WordPress.Com.

  • Tag as many people that you like, add them to the tag list.
  • Tag them in using the asterisk and just add their link on each asterisk, like this: *
  • (optional) send a email to promotion(at)pinoyteens(dot)net for your reason to be featured as a post on our blog!
  • Start doing it now!


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*Your reason here*

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