Ever since reality TV was born, every person began to fantasize about being in a reality show of their choice.  Also given the background of reality TV here in the Philippines, joining a reality show has been seen as a ticket to achieve your dreams which is really true for most of the products of reality shows such as Pinoy Big Brother.  Ever since a Philippine network bought a Big Brother franchise, we have all witnessed how Big Brother became a stepping stone for hopeful individuals who want to be part of the showbiz industry.  As proof, we have Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson and Sam Milby to name a few.  In the present season, we can even already see a budding promising showbiz career for Ivan Dorschner whose eye-candiness made way to be noticed by everyone.

The promises of being a contestant in a reality show continuously glimmer.  Once you’ve flashed your face on the TV screens of the Filipino nation and perform a little, your chances for success fatten.  It is not even necessary for you to actually win the contest because we can see famous faces right now like Katrina Halili and Cristine Reyes who were losers from their respective reality shows but actually became known in their fields (seducing men for this matter).

But as everything in the world goes, being a contestant in a reality show comes with a price.  For most of the shows, the possession of a pretty face is your ticket.  However, as you stay longer in that particular show, you have to capture the interest of viewers to be bankable.  If not, people who are watching you would make ways to know your darkest secrets especially if you do just a single thing that raises their eyebrows.  For instance, PBB Teen Clash’s Tricia Santos whose aggressive attraction towards Ivan Dorschner which is being the poke-spot that people continue to attack ever since the PBB Teen Clash ran.

Unfortunately, the anti-Tricia brigade ongoing in the world wide web does not stop in throwing insults regarding her aggressiveness at an early age.  We would all see that people were able to manage editing leaked photos from her personal online accounts to make her the laughing stock in Facebook.  Aside from that, alleged personal acquaintances of Tricia popped out shamelessly spreading various rumors regarding Tricia like the loss of her virginity as early as 6th grade and her being an imp.

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Regardless if these allegations are true or not, the mere fact that it exist in the free world of the Internet which is readable by everyone is in itself very self-destructing.  People’s minds could not be controlled by anyone and people are very free to have their own judgments towards a particular matter.

The price every reality TV show contestant has to pay is getting closet-skeletons disclosed by people you hardly even know or met.  A trend I see in reality TV show contestants is that most have issues in life or personalities which occurred in the past that would be best kept and I’m sure every contestant wannabe has his own stench that he would always choose to bury in able to move on.  For this stench to be brought up and put under the limelight is something that affects you emotionally, psychologically, sometimes socially and even you and your family’s reputation.

Before, I wanted to join Pinoy Big Brother and thought I might have a fat chance of getting in because my life is what you can call “colorful” with lots of dark and some light hues.  But from what I see happening inside the Teen Clash house, I guess I’d rather keep my life revolving my private abode instead of my and my family’s flaws being exaggerated and being the subject of destructive interest.

If given the chance to reserve a bed for yourself inside the Pinoy Big Brother house (teen or not), would you grab the opportunity and painstakingly play safe inside the house to avoid eviction even if it slowly suffocates you or would you leave it for another willing person and choose to live your life with no sharp eyes waiting for you to do a wrong move and be discussed by people you do not know?  Why or why not?