I come to recall the times when Akismet marked one very important comment as spam and I was just too lazy to check all those 1,200+ pending spam comments and delete them all immediately, confident that Akismet did not make any mistake with that.

Yet well, a mistake happened, not only once, not only twice, but it happened quite often. And I have enough of running through all my daily spam comments to check if there’s a legit comment among them. I had to look for something different, something that could help me out solve this Spam Problem.

While I had my Blog Hopping Session and subscribed to a lot of blogs coming from the i.ph service most specifically, I noticed their very user friendly anti spam measmurement. All you need to do is enter a certain word given at each reload which is pretty much readable for anyone. Unlike other rCaptchas do.

I immediately went on to research more about the plugin, and eventually found my new anti spam plugin going by the name Peter’s Custom Anti Spam. The anti spam plugins from Peter come in very different varieties from mathematical problems and more. But this one is the one I really have a crush on.

The image that you can see below doesn’t really looks like a anti spam system generated word, yeah, because I was the one who defines a number of words from which one word will randomly be taken for readers who are on a article page to enter before their comment comes through.

After installing this plugin, I had no spam problems at all. No server load hogs, no nothing, just a lonely me at the back of my blog waiting for some new comments to pass by 😀

No more spam!

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