A Second Chance, the sequel to Popoy and Basha’s love story in “One More Chance” is now showing nationwide. While the movie may not last forever (wala nga raw kasing forver eh) in the cinema, there are a handful of hugot lines to takeaway from A Second Chance. No, this won’t be a movie review of this excellent Filipino movie, but rather just a little list of hugot quotes from A Second Chance.

“The truth is, you love him kaya kung nahihirapan ka na pagkatiwalaan siya, pagkatiwalaan mo ang pagmamahal mo sa kanya.”


“…Kahit may nararamdaman na akong mali, I chose to look away…to keep quiet. Ang nagmamahal kasi, naniniwala. I defended you from everyone, even to myself…but I was wrong.”


“Kahit ang hirap-hirap mo nang mahalin, mamahalin kita kahit nasasaktan ako…kasi nangako ako. I promised to love you even when it hurts. I love you more when it hurts.”


“I have the right to the truth, no matter how ugly. No matter how painful. Because I am your wife.”


“Why is it so easy for you to see the worst in me?”
“Why do you make it so hard for me to see the best in you?”


“Our marriage is everything we never hoped for. Masaya siya. Minsan, malungkot. Minsan, masakit. Minsan, ang pangit. Pero…'yon siya. That's marriage.


“I lost him. I lost the man you married, and I'm so sorry. This is me at my worst. Kaya mo pa ba akong mahalin? Can you honestly love a failure?” 
“Kung kailangan kong maghintay hanggang nakita mo ulit asawa ko, maghihintay ako.” 


“I was best at loving you, but the worst in letting you love me.”


“It's brave to ask 'what if,” but I think it's braver to embrace 'what is.' You and only you are my 'what is.'”


“Your love story is what you make it.”